Aveea's STEM Exploration Day

A tailored, half-day event designed to engage your KS3 students and enhance your existing curriculum. 

Uncover the excitement of STEM, foster a passion for discovery, and inspire the next generation of innovators, right in your classrooms.

Our STEM days amplify the importance of STEM in today’s fast-evolving world.

Aveea KS3 Workshop
Aveea Workshops - Prem

Empowering Early Education​

We provide an immersive dive into a chosen area of STEM, closely aligning with your school’s curriculum. 

We open your students’ eyes to the practical applications of STEM.

Why Aveea

We go beyond the ordinary, extending the reach of your classroom teachings into the depths of global STEM innovation. 

Our life’s work is dedicated to STEM inspiration, ensuring our events offer not just personalised learning and stimulating hands-on activities, but also a unique perspective on worldwide STEM applications and trends.

Aveea KS3 Workshop

Real-World STEM: The Sorting Machine Challenge

In one of our engaging workshops, we challenged Year 8 and 9 students to create a sorting machine capable of sorting four colored balls.

This task, inspired by global pioneers like Amazon and airport logistics, mirrors real-world technology used in complex supply chain systems. ​

Aveea KS3 Workshop

Bringing Industry Knowledge to the Classroom

Guided by our collaboration with industrial engineers and tech innovators, we crafted a three-hour session where students embraced various concepts such as sensors, programming logic, and mechanical design.

This unique learning experience linked industry practices with classroom creativity.

Aveea KS3 Coding Workshop

Inspired Learning: A Unforgettable Experience

The result? A captivated classroom, enthusiastic about STEM, and a tangible understanding of how everyday technology works. Students didn't just learn; they saw the practical application of STEM in their lives.

This is the Aveea experience: taking professional knowledge, tailoring it to education, and igniting young minds.

Aveea KS3 Coding Lego Workshop
Aveea KS3 Sorting Machine Workshop

You Inspire, We Innovate. Together, We Educate.

Every school has a unique approach to education, and that includes STEM. At Aveea, we recognise your role as the visionary shaping the future for your students.

Tailored STEM Exploration Day: Your Journey

With our STEM Education Consultation Team, we create a tailored STEM Exploration Day that aligns with your goals. 

From initial inquiry to execution, we’re your partners in STEM, ensuring that your specific requirements are met.

Step 1: Initial Conversation:

Aveea’s Engage Sessions are a gateway to world-class STEM education. We offer these immersive, hour-long workshops free of charge to spark every child’s curiosity. Imagine your students programming our cutting-edge robots, or engaging with scientific phenomena through hands-on experiences.

Step 2: Tailored Event Planning:

Using your valuable insights, we design a STEM event that addresses your curriculum goals, nurtures student interests, and highlights the cutting-edge developments in the STEM world.

Step 3: Execution:

On the day, we create a lively, educational environment that complements your teaching efforts, inspiring students to learn, explore, and apply STEM concepts.

Step 4: Follow-up:

We support your ongoing STEM teaching efforts post-event with further resources and guidance, reinforcing and building upon the Exploration Day experience.