Igniting the Spark

At Aveea, our mission is to immerse children in the world of STEM. 

Through our engaging workshops, we provide an inclusive platform for our future leaders to foster a lifelong love for these fields.

Bespoke STEM Education

At Aveea Academy, we tailor STEM programs to align with the national curriculum, ensuring lessons are captivating and educationally robust. .

Commitment to Innovation

Our collaboration with global STEM leaders and continuous refinement set us apart. 

We create resonant learning experiences, igniting curiosity, nurturing the next generation of innovators.

Join the Journey

Redefine education with us, one classroom at a time, and empower both students and teachers. That’s the Aveea promise.

Champions for Schools

Aveea enhances your teaching methods by reinforcing classroom learning with cutting-edge STEM resources.

We offer expert workshops, equipping students with industry-standard tools and techniques, igniting their passion for STEM exploration

Breaking the Mould

Our sessions are not picked up online, but instead crafted in collaboration with leading STEM professionals and academic experts. 

This means people on the front lines of technology.

Hurricane Houses

Inspired by collaboration with earthquake experts, we present the "Quake-Proof Structures" workshop.

Pupils design and construct model buildings that withstand simulated seismic conditions, learning real-world principles that make structures resilient in earthquake-prone regions.

Navigating Robots

In partnership with robotics professionals, we created the "Navigating Robots" workshop.

Pupils construct and program robots to navigate a maze, reflecting the real-world challenges of autonomous vehicle navigation.

Tailored for Your Needs​

We understand that each age group has unique learning needs. 

Hence, our offerings are designed to align specifically with each key stage’s curriculum.

No matter the age group you’re working with, we have tailored programs that engage students at their level and foster growth in their STEM understanding.

KS1 and KS2

Sparking curiosity, building foundations. Fun, engaging STEM exploration for younger minds.

KS3 and Older

Diving deep into STEM. Real-world challenges and critical thinking for advanced learners.