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Whether it’s our Academy Session classes or our incredible STEM boxes, we always get right to the excitement, right to the fun, right to exploring the world of STEM. 

Aveea Projects (1 Month)

It’s time to really flex our future leaders brain muscles… monthly STEM boxes, delivered, with everything included. And when we say everything is included, we seriously mean it. No looking around the house for a pair of scissors, no visiting a store for a science beaker.

Let’s explore STEM the way our heroes want us to for 1 month.


Aveea Academy - Filtration

Access to clean water is necessary for all of us, however, for many this luxury just isn’t available. Our role as leaders in STEM is to solve these problems to leave the world in a better place.

It doesn’t stop at just building a filter, it’s about understanding the availability of filter material, or even the costs involved in sourcing this material.

At Aveea we learn explore all of this, but more important, why is it important to know this, and what value does it bring the world.

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