How do we create sessions?

Find out what we do to create a sessions at Aveea

At Aveea, we’re passionate about providing children with exciting and innovative STEM learning experiences that they won’t find anywhere else. Our approach to creating sessions is all about ensuring that children have access to the most engaging and stimulating STEM activities available.

To kick off our process, we connect with STEM leaders from around the world. By tapping into their expertise and knowledge of STEM fields, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in STEM education. This helps us to ensure that we’re always providing children with the most cutting-edge learning experiences possible.

Next, we consult with educators and teachers who are on the front line of teaching STEM subjects to children in schools. This helps us to get a better understanding of what children are interested in and what they want to learn, so we can tailor our sessions to meet their needs.

We then use the knowledge we gain from both STEM leaders and educators to create sessions that link STEM subjects in unique and innovative ways. Our goal is to make STEM learning fun and accessible for all children, regardless of their age or abilities.

Lastly, we test our sessions thoroughly to ensure that they are safe, fun, and provide the best possible learning experience for children. We value children’s feedback and take it seriously to ensure that our sessions are not only educational but also enjoyable. At Aveea, we believe that learning is exciting and fun, and we’re dedicated to making STEM education an enjoyable and accessible experience for all children.