Learning about anything shouldn’t ever be boring (although it might be difficult somethings)

It is time to become inspired by the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.


What is Dentistry?

Guys, seriously, it’s more than just teeth, before you think about skipping this video thinking you know it all (even though you might). Just think about how much we use our teeth everyday, from smiling

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What is Automotive Engineering?

Cars, cars, cars, ever since Vin Diesel and his pals took their rides around the streets of Los Angeles, Aveea has been a huge fan of the car. But how important is the Automotive Engineering

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The Future of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering hasn’t changed much over the past few millennia, sure, now we use heavy machinery to excavate out the thousand cubic metres of ground for foundations, and structures are much taller than the Great

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