What is Physics?

A lot of what we know about Physics has come from snippets from School, College and a handful of Christopher Nolan movies, and whilst this paints a very good picture, there is a huge amount more that can be explored. Basically, it’s a lot more than just blackholes and time travel​.

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What is Environmental Engineering?

We tend to think of Environmental Engineering as being clean energy, solar panels, hydroelectric power, and whilst Environmental Engineers do play a big role here, it's not exactly what you think... There's a huge world outside renewable energy that Environmental Engineers play a role in.

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What do Biologists do?

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The world of biology is huge, a lot more than just understanding vaccines, immunology and finding new species. With what's happening in the current climate, it makes sense to do a video on Biology.

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What is Aerospace Engineering?

What exactly is Aerospace Engineering? We know it's something to do with aircraft, rockets and things that fly. But surely it's a little bit more than that... and indeed it is, just watch and see how involved Amazon are with Aerospace Engineering, yeah the company that delivers your parcels.

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What is Nuclear Engineering?

Nuclear Engineering has a pretty bad name for itself, with weapons of mass destruction being talked about, nuclear waste from power stations being handled incorrectly, there is a lot of negative talk. But in actual fact there is a very bright future with Nuclear Engineering (pun intended), just watch and see for yourself.

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What is Computer Science?

With technology booming so fast across the globe, the trouble is knowing who does these amazing things. From solving traffic with maps, through to making sure your bank accounts are safe from criminals. Welcome to the world of computer science.

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What is Medicine?

We all know how important Doctors are, a lot of us have visited them over the years, you know for check ups, blood tests, or even when we have a blocked nose and just want reassurance from the Doctor that everything is going to be okay. But there is so much more to being a Doctor, there are hundreds of different types, just watch and see.

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What is Civil Engineering?

What is Civil Engineering? We know that it is something to do with building structures and long roads. But really what does it involve? What goes through a designers mind when they are designing the tallest building in Western Europe?

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What is Statistics?

We've all heard the joke, 80% of statistics are made up. As true as this may be, the fact is that statistics really do help us in our everyday lives, from predicting the weather through to knowing what clothes to release for summer. Even releasing new drinks, how are manufacturers supposed to know what flavour is best? And you thought statistics wasn't important.

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