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Inspiring the next generation of STEM 

Our bookings work in termly (or half termly) blocks. You simply book your child onto the block of sessions for this period.

All our sessions are different from one another, so you don’t need to ever worry about repeating activities!

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  • KS1 Sessions Every Friday Afternoon
  • KS2 Sessions Every Wednesday Afternoon
KS1 and KS2 sessions running every Tuesday from 25th October to 13th December.
KS1 sessions on Tuesday afternoons from 25th October to 6th December.
  • KS2 sessions on Friday afternoons from 28th October to 9th December.
Year 5/6 (KS2) sessions every Thursday afternoon from 27th October to 8th December.
Little Hill Primary School
KS2 sessions on Monday afternoons, starts January 2023.
KS1 sessions on Monday afternoons from 16th January to 6th February.
  • KS2 sessions on Tuesday afternoons from 10th January to 7th February.
North Harringay Primary School
  • Thursday Afternoon – KS2
  • Payments made through the school, visit school site for more information.
KS1 and KS2 sessions every Wednesday lunchtime from 26th October to 14th December.
KS2 sessions on Wednesday afternoons from 2nd October to 7th December.
  • Contact school for more information on payment.

  • Wednesday Afternoon – KS2
  • Thursday Afternoon – KS1
  • Payments made through ParentPay, visit school site for more information.