Aveea Workshops

Inspiring the future of STEM

What are Aveea Workshops?

At Aveea Workshops, we aim to imbue teachers with our vision of bringing students closer to our STEM heroes. To do this, we run a 2-3 day workshop that allows teachers to learn our philosophy and incorporate this into their own teaching style.

We are all about learning hands-on and putting our teachings into practice immediately. We aim to impart a teaching style that allows for interactive sessions among your teachers and other staff. We also take the opportunity to teach your children and pupils, so you get to see first-hand what we deliver at Aveea and take inspiration from us.

Our sessions are tailored to your curriculum, whilst all the content in the National Curriculum is required to be taught in a given year, we understand that teachers schedule different subjects at different times of the year. We fully cater to this and will discuss with your science leads in advance to understand which topics you wish to teach. The aim of this is twofold, firstly to allow for a seamless teaching session with your pupils, and secondly to showcase how what we offer can fit naturally with your own teaching style.

Why choose us?

At Aveea, we have taught thousands of children across the UK, this combined with the vast network of STEM leaders that we are in contact with daily, and understanding first hand what problems they are solving means our future leaders in our Aveea Academy Sessions know exactly what incredible things they could be doing one day. 

We understand that the role of the teacher is the most important figure for a child during their educational journey, and we want to equip all our teachers with all the knowledge and skills we have to enhance their teaching ability. 

What can you get out of it?

At Aveea, we believe that no one understands and delivers the National Curriculum better than our teachers around the world.

Building off this, with the knowledge that pupils have learned from our teachers, we put this into practice. Through years of research and development, and continuous understanding of what challenges our STEM leaders are facing each day, we bring these challenges to the classroom allowing pupils to utilise and apply the knowledge they have learned from teachers. 

We recognise that one of the most crucial aspects of a childs’ educational journey is the application of this knowledge. We want teachers to have the ability to utilise some of the key concepts that we use to bring real life challenges into the classroom.

What does a typical schedule looks like?

In order for teachers to maximise their experience with us, we want to ensure that there is minimal disruption to the regular school day. We also wish to showcase what we have learnt as a source of inspiration for teachers to follow.

That is why our programme is split across 2-3 days. Seminars will take place for 2-3 hours of a teacher’s day with us, while all remaining sessions will take place in classes. This is where there will be the opportunity to witness first-hand what Aveea has to offer.

Day 1:  Seminars

Multiple 1-2 hour seminars throughout the day explaining the delivery mechanisms in bringing STEM to the classroom in a way that leaves a lasting memory on pupils. 

There will be multiple seminars throughout the day that can be split between different teachers to allow for a more personal seminar and ensure minimal disruption to the school day. 

Day 2: Interactive Workshops

Interactive workshops will be run with your pupils and classes. We ensure that there is minimal disruption to your curriculum, and cater for the subject that you are currently teaching. With these workshops, we showcase what bringing STEM to the classroom is all about.

Not only do your pupils get an incredible Aveea session, but your staff get to see first-hand the impact that we can bring to classrooms. Whether this is through the countless questions that are bound to be asked, or simply the sight of enthusiasm on their faces. We make sure that our workshops are one to remember. 

Day 3: Retro

A wash up session is held on the third day, this is a retro session where we can go through different learnings and teachings. Answering any questions that teachers may have. 

We also enjoy running further Aveea Academy Sessions with pupils, showcasing various other activities they could do with pupils. 


If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us by email: