What's Inside?

An Aveea Project Box has everything our future leaders need to explore the world of STEM. Just imagine being able to link what our STEM leaders do on a daily basis (solving the biggest global problems) and relating it to exactly what our pupils learned in school earlier that week. 

It’s learning in a way you’ve never imagined before.

What Experiments

Our pupils will be building filtration devices, ecosystems, suspension bridges, motorised boats and cars, all designed and built from the ground up by our Aveea Pupils. 

Now why these? Why are these so important?

It’s because these are the problems and challenges that our future leaders will be solving in the future.

Who will we look to when our water consumption increases, who will we look to when the demand for electric cars increases exponentially? Who will design and build this for us...


Along with the awesome STEM equipment in our Aveea Projects Boxes, the best part is actually the included video by our Founders Prem and Henna. These are step by step instructions, all aligned with the school curriculum, all the STEM principles related to the experiment they’re doing.

It work’s so well, it’s like magic, but it’s not magic, it’s STEM!

Safety Comes First

With everything our pupils do, safety is always a priority for us. So when our pupils need special protective glasses, they’re included,  When we’re working with acids, gloves are a necessity. What about younger siblings accidentally opening containers… child resistant containers, we’ve covered all angles. 

Our Boxes have also gone through rigorous testing, they are all UKCA Marked (previously CE Marked), you can be sure you’re getting the best and safest learning experience.