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It's STEM packed into a box led by amazing STEM leaders... for future STEM leaders.

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Fear not, there are no additional costs when you check out (shipping* and tax), after all we are a non-profit for a reason, with our sole aim to inspire our future leaders. ​

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STEM leaders inspiring our future leaders into STEM.
It's all about learning about STEM, not playing hide and seek trying to look for equipment.
Everything that goes into our Aveea Projects boxes is tested by our Engineers and been tested by kids too! We spend hours ensuring everything is safe. This is from ensuring bottle caps for chemicals are child resistant, to making sure we use the purest ingredients possible.

We said everything is included, but there’s one more thing, and if you’re reading this, you already have it. 

Aveea Projects works so well because we have beautifully led sessions by our STEM leaders. This means insightful videos that go alongside the experiment. So a phone, a tablet or a computer for your child to use whilst carrying out the experiment.

STEM is always about learning something new exploring the unknown, and whilst we are sure our instructions are very easy to follow, if your child doesn’t understand something, they can pop a comment over to our helpful team. They’ll be on their way in no time. 

Absolutely, our helpful team, packed with Engineers, Scientists, Technologists and Mathematicians are ready to answer your questions 🙂