Aveea Projects

It’s time to really flex our future leaders brain muscles… monthly STEM boxes, with amazing  delivered, with everything included

And when we say everything is included, we seriously mean it. No looking around the house for a 3V DC Motor, no visiting a store for a 500ml science beaker.

So what's in the box?

Everything they need to follow the footsteps of our current STEM leaders…

This means engineering ways to purify water, building ecosystems, designing powered boats, investigating with forensics, building earthquake proof structures oh and did we say that everything was included? Yes that means something to test for earthquakes too. 

All of this in your living room at home… it’s not the type of box you were thinking.


But it's not just a box...

STEM equipment is great, so are challenges that really flex our future leaders brain muscles, but there’s something that ties all of this together. 

Our STEM Educators, Prem and Henna will be there guiding them every step of the way with a fun and educational instruction video.

This means you can experiment whenever and where you want, there’s no interruptions or being late for class. These are masterful videos – properly created. 

Aveea Projects

What do you get?

Amazing STEM experiments for children ages 8-11 (KS2).

Designed by STEM leaders and tested by children (our future leaders).

Video led by our Founders guiding your kids each step of the way.

Extra resources in each box to experiment again and teach others.

How does it work? (Three easy steps)

A. Join Aveea Projects

B. One box delivered every month with everything you need. Including a fully supported video with all links included in the box. This means no sharing passwords or credit card information with your children.

C. Watch the founders of Aveea, our STEM Educators and Leaders explain the magic of your Aveea Projects box. Guiding them every step of the way!

Join now for early bird prices!

Have you got some questions you wanted answering?

We honestly mean everything is included when we say that, we know how busy parents are in this day and age, so we take care of the hard work. 

On occasion you might need to fill up a sink with water, but who wouldn’t want to do that, it already sounds like a very exciting project. 

All we need from you is a mobile phone, tablet or computer, something to watch our beautifully led sessions on. And chances are, if you’re reading this, you already have that.

We are a non profit organisation so we don’t have investors telling us to lock customers into 36 month contracts. When you pay for 6 months of boxes you get… that’s right 6 months of boxes, no additional costs or subscriptions that you don’t want. 

We would love to tell you everything, right down to the different chemicals and their safety labels, but that takes away so much of the excitement. 

When your child, our future leaders open the box for the first time and see various sized beakers, funnels, a range of chemicals and a pair of goggles ready to start Aveea Projects, you’ll see why we wanted to keep it a secret.

It simply needs to play videos, so if you can play YouTube videos or Netflix you’ll be fine. There’s nothing to install, you’ll be given instructions when you open our box on how to get to our videos. 

Everything that goes into our Aveea Projects boxes is tested by our Engineers and been tested by kids too! We spend hours ensuring everything is safe. This is from ensuring bottle caps for chemicals are child resistant, to making sure we use the purest ingredients possible.

STEM is always about learning something new, exploring the unknown, so if your child doesn’t understand something that’s actually great. 

We are ready to help, just pop a comment over to our helpful team. They’ll be on their way in no time.

All our products require adult supervision just like most educational projects, but don’t worry no knowledge is required from your part. We’ve been told its a learning experience for the family, so certainly get stuck in, but if you want to watch from the sidelines you can.

Absolutely, our helpful team, packed with Engineers, Scientists, Technologists and Mathematicians are ready to answer your questions 🙂 Even our founders get involved in answering questions!! 

Remember when we said we would include everything? That means goggles, gloves, ear protection, face coverings… if our experiment or activity requires special safety equipment we will be including it, and we explain in our videos why it’s so important to be wearing them too. 

Maybe… pop us an email and we’ll see what we can send you.