Aveea Projects

It’s time to really flex our future leaders brain muscles… monthly STEM boxes, delivered, with everything included

And when we say everything is included, we seriously mean it. No looking around the house for a pair of scissors, no visiting a store for a science beaker. 

When we said STEM Leaders...

We weren’t going to just send a box full of STEM equipment to our future leaders and send them on a wild goose chase. 

We have STEM leaders, Prem and Henna (who happen to be founders of Aveea) guiding them every step of the way. 

Designing and being creative

When an Engineer or Scientist designs an electric car, it’s really difficult for them to just pick up a motor, a battery and assembly it to a frame. 

Every, design, every mechanism has to be designed from the ground up, they all have to work with each other, how are they going to connect to one another. 

These are all concepts we’ve learned in school, shouldn’t our future STEM leaders be doing the same, designing solutions from the ground up?

What do you get?

Two experiments in each Aveea Projects Box.

Designed by Engineers and tested by our future leaders.

Video led by our STEM founders guiding your kids each step of the way

Tested rigorously to meet and exceed UK and EU standards.

How does it work? (Three easy steps)

A. Subscribe to Aveea Projects

B. Delivered monthly, your Projects box arrives within days. Don't worry, you can pause or cancel anytime.

C. Watch Prem and Henna explain the magic of your Aveea Projects box, don't worry, they will guide your kids every step of the way.

What are you waiting for, get your first Aveea Projects Box from just £12.99