Why we code at Aveea?

We love coding at Aveea, but why? Why is learning how to code so important for our children?
Aveea - Coding

Schools provide children with a foundation for coding. Coding is the method of communicating with a computer. It uses a language that the computer understands and performs tasks based on its input. 

At Aveea Academy we take that to the next level, giving children the opportunity to see their code brought to life! 

We use Spheros and Lego in our classes, they are robots that our pupils can control using a variety of programming languages. 

Why do we love it so much though? 

Unlike typical coding lessons, pupils here get to see first hand what they’re creating. This also means running into challenges that pupils have to overcome. 

It allows them to appreciate how things work, and how to solve problems in a logical and creative way. 

And as we all know, problem solving goes way beyond coding. Any challenge our children will face will be a problem they need to solve and overcome. Learning how to code with Aveea gives children the chance to learn these skills whilst they’re young. 

And it goes beyond this, coding allows pupils to push their creativity and boundaries. Why?

In our sessions, love to tinker and figure things out, with coding there is the beauty of the undo button. This means if the code isn’t working our pupils can just go back to when it was and try again. 

This resilience is what our pupils learn at Aveea, pushing it slightly further each lesson. 

If you want to learn about coding outside of Aveea there are plenty of websites where you can get started, many are free and some require payment after a while – still plenty of fun and learning to be had. 

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