Why are our sessions always different?

The world of STEM is vast, and it’s because of this that we can make each of our sessions a brand new experience.
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There are always clear takeaways from our sessions

The world of STEM is vast, and it’s because of this that we can make each of our sessions a brand new experience. Whether we’re racing around robots or melting some chocolate—it all has a purpose!

To cover the four aspects of STEM, we create an array of activities that help link our sessions to the challenges that our STEM leaders face, whether we’re looking at the challenges we face today or the challenges we’ll face 500 years from now. We have an endless source of inspiration to draw upon and we share this with everyone in our Aveea Academy sessions.

Our activities are all designed for there to be clear takeaways; whether it is an insight into real world challenges or maybe a brand new skill that could be applied to the real world! Though, that isn’t to say we never repeat sessions. Sometimes topics can be complex and the best way to understand is to try, whether that’s failing or succeeding.

Every session is a brand new experience

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Our approach to future sessions will keep previous attempts in mind and adapt to past struggles and success. It’s because of this that we consider all our sessions to be a brand new experience. 

We aren’t all perfect and we need the time to explore what we’ve learnt, even more so for challenging topics. Whether this is to help those who don’t quite grasp concepts the first time round, or to guide those who did to further explore and refine their understanding—we want to give everyone the opportunity to make the most out of our sessions.

Do we just throw information at our pupils!

The depth of all topics in STEM is endless. Helping our students navigate this is our mission, to provide everyone the foundations they need to delve deeper into whatever path they may choose in the future.

But how do we do this? Simply throwing information at someone is a sure fire way to overwhelm them, so what do we do instead? Well, in short, we communicate. Lots and lots of communication. From leaders in STEM fields; to teachers; and even pupils, we speak to everyone so that we understand what the goal should be and what the best approach to reach that goal is.

Each point of communication we have is integral to Aveea’s success. New ground is being discovered in STEM constantly and without our leaders to guide us, we may end up teaching outdated knowledge.

As a result, Aveea is constantly evolving and we want every pupil who comes out of an Aveea Academy session to have learnt something new. That’s why we pay close attention to our pupils, ever wondered why we have those overly helpful assistants in sessions? Well, aside from giving assistance, we also want to hear exactly what pupils are and aren’t able to grasp at that exact moment. With that feedback, we’re able to improve our activities for the next session and we undertake rigorous testing to ensure pupils gain the most from Aveea Academy.

So can we teach everything then?

So we’ve gone on and on about how vast STEM is, surely we can’t teach everything? You’d be correct! The world of STEM truly is too large for schools and Aveea to teach everything. That’s why we encourage everyone to take the exploration into their own hands. 

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Don’t have all our fancy equipment at home? That’s fine! You’d be shocked at what you can do from the comfort of your own living room. Maybe some thought exercises in your bed is more your style—STEM is more than a collection of subjects, it’s a mindset.

What can you do at home!

So here’s one simple way to help you develop your child’s mind: pick up an object and ask them how it’s made. Simple, right? Maybe you don’t know either, but the answer isn’t important, the process in which one goes through to reach an answer is a great way to develop one’s mind. 

Of course, curiosity will most likely gnaw at you for the answer, well just take your question to the internet! You’ll probably soon discover that the answer isn’t so simple, and that new journey you take together with your child will be a fun learning experience in and of itself! Here’s an example of one of the simplest objects, a ball point pen:

What’s a ballpoint pen made of? Plastic.

Who makes the plastics? What about what’s inside the plastic, there’s ink too. What’s ink made of?

Are all your ballpoint pens the same? Maybe each manufacturer is making their pens differently? 

Surely we understand how a pen works, right? We press it against paper and ink comes out… but why and how does that work?

Aveea Ballpoint Pen

The amount of engineering and design put into a ballpoint pen is marvellous, whether it’s the small hole at the top of lids to prevent choking, or the ingenious design of the ballpoint bit to allow ink through without it leaking. All of this and it’s manufacturable in the millions. 

And here we are down the rabbit hole of ballpoint pens—now you give it a try, what part of STEM will you explore?

Explore the world of STEM with us