What do our Pupils Learn?

It's a lot more than STEM, there are many skills needed for our pupils to become future leaders... we teach them all.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is all about a mindset in how you approach tasks at hand, if you’re given an entirely new task, you will still have certain methods to fall back on. We want to expand this repertoire for our pupils so that they have all the means available to them when the time comes.

We actively throw challenges at our pupils in a variety of ways: in a team they’ve never worked with before; with finite, perhaps never seen before resources; maybe it’s as simple as providing limited guidance. We want all our pupils to be confident when faced with a challenge.

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Confidence Building

Why do we believe confidence is so important for our pupils? Simple, it helps in coping with mistakes, having the confidence to try again after failing means more experience, it means that you’re not giving up. This extends beyond just education, whether this is skills outside of schools or even just socially with friends, we believe that having a foundation of confidence is beneficial to everyone.

We want to make sure that all our pupils are given the opportunity to grow their confidence. If they’re facing a wall, we want to help knock it down. If they’re stuck, we want to give them that push.

At Aveea, there’s no wrong answers, when we ask a question, we’re opening up a discussion and we want everyone to feel welcome to take part.

Team Work

How did we all get to where we are now? Everything and everyone around us has a hand in that. It’s impossible for each person to educate themselves on what has taken, humanity as a whole, countless years to reach.

We learn from each other and this applies to everyone, whether that’s your standard school education, or just your daily life skills. Teamwork gives people the opportunity to take what they as an individual know and combine that with the knowledge of another. It’s something we thrive on at Aveea.

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Bringing the National Curriculum to life

The schools and teachers already do a fantastic job with the National Curriculum, so what does Aveea do? We build upon what the National Curriculum teaches and take things to the next level, this is what’s called a constructivist approach. 

It’s a great way to teach complex ideas and works by building major concepts up from smaller, simple ones.

Love for learning and educational journey

Pupils come to Aveea because they want to learn and challenge themselves—they find the process of learning enjoyable. It’s truly eye opening when one realises that all the knowledge they’ve learned over the years can be applicable to the real world. 

The realisation that nobody ever stops learning—that feeling can carry you throughout the rest of your life. We want all our pupils to experience the endless joy that is learning.

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All our sessions are based around exciting and cool things our heroes in real life are doing. We empower our pupils by exposing them to the potential of what they’ve been taught and what they could be doing in the future, what it is that they could be striving towards. To one day be solving the same problems that our current STEM heroes are facing.

Seeing the world of STEM and figuring out what they want to do. ​

Children change their minds about what they want to do all the time, one moment it’s an astronaut, the next a doctor, or maybe even a YouTube Star. We know about these, we’ve heard about them. 

But what about the thousands of disciplines in STEM, you’ve never heard of?  We showcase all of them to our pupils. Sometimes we just don’t know what’s out there, we don’t know what we enjoy because we haven’t experienced it yet. 

We want to broaden our pupil’s horizons and open paths that they might never have thought possible. Maybe it’s the joy of water slides and roller coasters that leads them down a path of Mechanical Engineering. Perhaps the devastation to nature truly resonated with them and they want to be the one to steer humanity in the right direction. It could be that coding gives them the freedom to express their ideas in a way they never knew possible.

 We want our pupils to see first-hand exactly what’s out there and what they could one day be doing. Many kids know what they want to do, but they aren’t quite sure yet. We’re here to give them the experience to make that decision.

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Aveea is a lot more than a STEM Club, it’s our children’s future. 

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