What are we doing Next Term?

You already know our sessions are always different, but what are we doing next term then?

Dentists, Doctors and Surgeons

Dentists, Doctors and pretty much everyone else in the healthcare industry is so important for the future of the human race. 

So this is exactly what we will be looking at. 

How to look after our teeth, the anatomy of the body and even exploring what surgeons do… it has to be a challenge after all. 

Aveea Teeth
Aveea Lego Spike

Technology and Engineering

This term is all about our LEGO Spike Kits. These are like our Spheros but so much more innovative…

But the innovation comes from our pupils, they will be creating robotic arms, sorting machines, self driving vehicles and anything else their imagination can bring to life. 

When Technology meets Engineering, very interesting things begin to happen!

Pure Engineering

Av Aveea Term isn’t complete without a pure Engineering Session, this means building boats, bridges or even towers. The principles we use to build these are so integral in our lives, we don’t even realise we do them…

Our pupils love these sessions, those who have worked on certain similar challenges before are able to teach the class their knowledge.

Aveea Trains
Aveea - Oil Spill

What about Forensics?

Our pupils are going to be analysisng evidence to figure out a certain mystery. 

Think of your favourite dectective show and throw in a lot of STEM and you have yourself an Aveea Academy Forensics Session. 

This session is a fantastic way to get our pupils to start linking different STEM principles together. 

So much more...

New sessions are being developed every day at Aveea. We have a fantastic team across the globe that really find ways to bring STEM to life. 

We do this so our pupils get the best experience, we want them to be in awe when they see our sessions (which they always are). 

If you’re still eager to know more, watch our school assembly!

Aveea Academy

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