Confidence at Aveea Academy?

Confidence is important to everyone. Aveea aims to help prepare pupils for their futures, to ensure that every pupil comes out of school with the confidence to approach the unknown.

It's not all about being charismatic and outgoing...

Whether outgoing, charismatic, confidence is important to everyone. Aveea aims to help prepare pupils for their futures, to ensure that every pupil comes out of school with the confidence to approach the unknown.

A lack of confidence can restrict growth when people find themselves unable to try something new. Confidence can be tied to many things and its importance can vary from being essential to just being convenient. However, what doesn’t change is the fact that confidence will always be beneficial.

So, what do we do at Aveea? And what can you do? The short answer, remove the aspect of fear and discouragement. Of course, this sounds hard, but allow us to explain. 

Whilst you can’t magically raise someone’s confidence, what we can do is to provide as many opportunities as possible for them to put themselves out there in a fear free environment. This can apply to anywhere, whether that’s in a supermarket or walking through a park, confidence can be built anywhere.

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The journey is always more important than the destination

The journey is always more important than the destination. Children should never feel embarrassed for trying, we always have plenty of time to try again, we learn from our mistakes to move forward in life. 

That’s why we should never discourage their efforts. Never tell them they’ve done a bad job. Maybe they did, but we can focus on what we can take away from that. We’ve had many pupils at Aveea going astray during challenges, but we applaud their efforts, enter discussions on what they were thinking, and sometimes they might have even been on the right track and it’s all a case of bad execution. 

Maybe even with just a bit more time they would’ve got there in the end. We as adults mess up all the time, so why can’t our children?

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Discovery can play a big role in confidence. We often have the tendency to help children out when they’re struggling. It solves the immediate problem and we feel good about the outcome, but that isn’t always the best outcome. 

Providing an answer or guiding them to a solution doesn’t always result in growth, sometimes it might even be best to allow them to figure out their own problems. To come to their own conclusions, whether correct or incorrect. Unless they go on that journey to discover their own conclusions, they may never become accustomed to facing challenges on their own.

Children are curious, very curious...

Children are, by nature, curious. Very curious. Parents and guardians, usually being at the other end of this curiosity, have a responsibility to quench this curiosity in some manner. 

Maybe you can give them a straight answer, maybe you’re not sure, maybe you’re tired of answering. It’s important to not shut off a child’s curiosity, curiosity can be the defining factor of many people’s lives. 

It’s possible that an innocent thought can lead them down a whole new path of inspiration for their future. With modern day technology and the vast knowledge available on the internet, you never truly know what you can end up discovering. 

If you aren’t able to answer a question, the internet is an incredible tool for both child and parent to utilise and discover a whole new world they may never have been exposed to otherwise.

It's all about trying new things!

The unknown is frightening for all of us, but especially for children who have even less experience of the world. There is a responsibility for parents and guardians to increase their children’s exposure to the real world. The opportunity to try new things. 

It’s easy to forget that what we may consider to be the norm, may in fact be new and exciting ground for a child. Rollercoasters are a fantastic experience that we all know about, but do we all? Are children going to hear about rollercoasters in school? They might, but what if they don’t. If you never bring it up, it’s entirely possible to be oblivious of the existence of rollercoasters throughout your life, and this applies for any topic.

School is a major part of a child’s life, many of their early experiences will be rooted within school and can very well make up their understanding of the world. 

All this being said, it’s not as if it’s the end of the world if a child lacks confidence. Maybe you’re worried about your child if they’re feeling insecure. Well, you should consider how you approach them. “I’m worried about you”, sounds innocent enough, it’s your standard maternal instincts kicking in. But it’s also revealing your own lack of confidence in your child. After all, how can a child possibly be confident if their own parents are doubting them? 

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