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Welcome to Aveea Academy, a place where all our future leaders can ignite their curiosity to help change the world.

We want all our students to be shown the light

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Where else can pupils experiment with a stethoscope and understand how important this instrument is for Doctors?

Or what about the principles our students have already learnt in the  classroom, like the effects of density in liquids or the impact of pollution on our planet, let’s use this knowledge to solve real life problems that our heroes in STEM are facing right now.

Like being able to clean up the ocean after an oil spill…

What happens?

See for yourself, our Twitter feed is always buzzing with what goes on in an Aveea Academy Session. 

As well as the amazing experiments and activity, all pupils receive an Aveea Academy Passport when they join, a way to track their progress as they continue their adventure with Aveea. They also receive worksheets after each activity, a way to continue their learning and show off their new knowledge.

Welcome to Aveea Academy, exploring the world of STEM for our future leaders!