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What is it?

We’ve partnered with schools across the country to provide children with the opportunity to further their STEM experiences!

Whether this is during lunch while children are still bursting with energy, or after-school when everyone has that itch to learn more.

We have a wide range of activities, constantly expanding as our designers brainstorm ideas involving all aspects of STEM! From children creating their own bionic hand, to understanding and making their very own circuit—we always have activities to bring about a new experience!

If you’re interested, check out our list of partnered schools here and find our current schedule.

If you don’t see your school listed there, contact us! We’re always looking to work with new schools—with enough interest, we can bring Aveea to your school too!

Communication with peers.

Creative and innovative thinking.

An exciting introduction to STEM subjects!

Team working skills to help everyone get along.

What Happens At Our Sessions?

As well as the amazing experiments and activity, all pupils receive an Aveea Academy Passport when they join, a way to track their progress as they continue their adventure with Aveea.

They also receive worksheets after each activity, a way to continue their learning and show off their new knowledge.

It's all about STEM


It’s not often you get a chance to sit down and take in everything science has to offer, but at Aveea we’re constantly experimenting, and what better way than to make ourselves a sweet treat in our Ice Cream session!


Technology is amazing, but it can also be challenging at times. That’s why we make sure that our children understand how to get technology to work the way they want it to in our Spheros sessions.


Why do we need bridges? How do bridges work? What do we need to make a good bridge? We answer all these important questions and more in our Build a Bridge session!


What does this have to do with maths you may ask? Maths is everywhere and integral to not just our lives, but nature too, ever wondered why a bird’s beak looks like that? Look no further!

Just remember, every session is a brand new experience

Our approach to future sessions will keep previous attempts in mind and adapt to past struggles and success. It’s because of this that we consider all our sessions to be a brand new experience. 

Maybe you want to get ahead of the ball, and find out what we’re doing next term… well we have all the information right here

Actually it's a lot more than STEM...

What about skills like teamwork, problem solving and confidence building?

These skills are so important, being able to work in a team, problem solving, confidence building and even a desire to learn. These principles are fundamental at Aveea. 

We incorporate all of this and so much more in our Sessions, whether it’s presenting a design to the class or working a problem with team mates our Sessions has it all. 

More Information

Our sessions take place once a week at partnered schools during lunchtime or after-school, usually lasting an hour for 5-7 weeks. This will vary depending on school, term, and Key Stage level—make sure to check the details for your school while booking.

We have separate sessions for both Key Stage 1 and 2 so that we can match the difficulty accordingly and ensure that each pupil gets the most out of our sessions.

All the necessary equipment and resources will be provided, so both student and parent can be at ease of mind before any sessions.

Pictures may be taken during sessions and used by Aveea. If you would prefer for your child not to be photographed, please contact us.

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You must have some questions for us...

For most schools, an email will be sent out via ParentMail from the school prior to our sessions starting. Sessions can then be booked at – https://www.aveea.org/bookings/

Yes, they are! If your child is covered by pupil premium, simply email the school or email us to let us know that you’d like to sign your child up and we’ll add them to our register!

Nope! Your child can attend our sessions for the whole year and learn something new at every session – nothing is the same!

Yes, we do – please inform us of any special dietary requirements when booking and we will accommodate for this during our sessions.

Yes, they are – please inform us of any extra help or accommodations that we can do for your child at the time of booking and we will organise this for your child.

To show off what our amazing pupils in Aveea Academy are doing, we put photos up on our website, newsletters, social media. Ensure you’re subscribed to everything to not miss out on what your children are getting up to at Aveea Academy.

Yes, you can! We keep bookings open (providing there’s still spaces available) for a few weeks after we start, with an amended price to reflect how many sessions are remaining. If you don’t see the option to book, please email us.

Absolutely! We upload education videos about the world of STEM on our YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/Aveea