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Inspiring our pupils in
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ​

The STEM Club that's changing the game...

Experience hands-on, engaging STEM sessions that based on real-life challenges faced by STEM leaders today.

With our cutting-edge equipment, our pupils have the opportunity to experience things they’ve never ever seen. 

This means everything from coding water-floating robots to examining oil spills… the possibilities are endless. 

Let's give our pupils all the tools

We take the national curriculum and elevate it to new heights, applying it in ways that you never thought possible.

Our program goes beyond school knowledge, empowering our future leaders to dream big, think creatively, and challenge the status quo.

Prepare for Liftoff

We know the future also belongs to those who are creative, problem solvers and how to innovate.  

So that’s exactly what we teach our pupils. 

Our expert educators empower our pupils to explore their interests and build their skills in an environment that inspires them to become leaders, innovators, and forces for positive change.

How Aveea Academy will change your child's life...

At Aveea Academy, we believe in unlocking the potential of every child to change the world.

Many children are unaware of the incredible work STEM leaders are doing, from developing rockets that go to Mars to designing life-saving medical devices. 

Infinite Possibilities with Every Session

We ensure our pupils not only understand what they’re learning in class but also how it can lead to a bright future.

We go beyond the basics...

Our dynamic experiences challenge students to work together, think critically, and communicate effectively. 

These skills are just as important as STEM knowledge and we provide the perfect environment for pupils to learn and grow.

Find out more how we do this here.

Aveea Academy - Lego Spike

An unparalleled STEM adventure for your child, backed by months of rigorous trials and testing.

From industry to industry, we explore the breadth of STEM disciplines.

Aligned with the national curriculum, our workshops seamlessly integrate education.

Endorsed by parents and educators alike for our holistic approach and unmatched quality.
Aveea - Coding

The Future Awaits: Book now!

At Aveea Academy, we don’t just teach STEM skills; we ignite a passion for learning that will last a lifetime.

No more needs to be said – enrol your child today and watch them soar!