Volunteer with Aveea

It’s more than just showing students what things look like under the microscope. 

It’s the students showing you what’s exciting under the microscope and you learning something new.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are at the very core of Aveea, we have incredible equipment and activities to showcase the world of STEM, but we need the passion and drive from our current leaders to show the younger generation what they are capable of. 

This is what both our staff and volunteers do at Aveea. They help run our Aveea Academy sessions, implementing new ideas and activities. 

If you want to work in a dynamic innovative environment, then Aveea could be the place for you – whether you are a scientist, an engineer, a teacher in the making. Whatever stage you’re at right now, we are always looking for people to help change the world. 

What do we look for?

As well as being well rounded in the STEM subjects, our main focus is the delivery of our activities. We all remember our favourite teachers when we were back in school. Why exactly? 

Well, because they were the ones that made us think a little differently, gave us that little extra when we needed it, we remember them because they probably were part of some very big decisions in our lives. 

We want our Aveea Academy Students to feel the same way when they have a session with us. 

How would you fit in?

With a good understanding of the STEM industry, you would be part of our Aveea Academy programme. This means assisting sessions at schools, planning our STEM activities and above all, inspiring our future leaders in what they could be getting involved in.

We also understand that your personal development is also very important – in terms of fulfilling your potential whilst helping us meet our mission statement.

Many of our volunteers also go on to become staff members as their experience grows, we will help you all the way. 

Next Steps?

If you want to see the change in the world, help our future leaders really see what’s out there, then volunteering with Aveea is definitely worth considering. 

We would love to hear from you, ping us an email anytime. For those who are really keen to start, send through your previous experience (don’t worry if you don’t have any, we all have to start somewhere), and your CV. 

Please send through your thoughts, CVs and anything else for that matter to [email protected]

Already a Volunteer?

If you’re already volunteering with Aveea, fantastic! 

You’ll probably want to get to grips with the following documents.. or even a refresher every now and again.

We like to stay away from being overly corporate, but being able to get the most out of a session is the key to becoming an incredible volunteer as well as making a huge difference for our future leaders. 

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