The team that make it happen

We started small, and still are pretty small. But we are aiming big, contact us below if you too want to help make a difference and inspire millions to do something great. The more hands the better.

Prem Patel


Having worked as a Civil Engineer for over half a decade, I came to realise how exciting STEM is and how it continues to challenge the status quo!

Personally I think we should all have the opportunity to go out there and do something crazy and inspiring for the world.

That’s why I founded Aveea, to help you guys really understand what’s what and shape our future.

Henna Patel

co founder

If I could place an Aveea Flag on Mars to show you all who we are, and what we are about, I most certainly would. Even though this hasn’t been done yet, it could be in the near future with your help, hint hint…

At the moment we are working on reaching out to as many of you as possible through every way physically possible. 

So time to get talking and spreading the word, to show more students the light!

Prits Patel

Aveea Academy Leader

After working in schools for over 15 years, I’m proud to say that still after this many years, everyday is still a school day. 

There’s always something new to learn, maybe it’s a new way of teaching, or a different coding language to understand. There is so much the world has so much to offer.

Panayiota Georgiou

Content Consultant

As an Engineer of course I was going to love STEM (Civil Engineering is obviously my favourite). 

Whilst all of this is going on, the Academy, Twitter, YouTube videos and even the planning, I’m looking into new avenues that Aveea can head into.

Henna Bhawsar

outreach manager

The key to planning any of our Aveea Academy sessions is making them memorable. 

We all remember our favourite teachers in school, our favourite classes, well this is exactly what we strive to do in our sessions each and every time.

Volunteering with Aveea

The world is a big place, there is so much do to. So many schools to visit, industries to explore, videos to make, content to right, the list goes on.

If you want to help Aveea make the difference and show all of our students the light, get in touch and let's begin this journey together. Every single day should be a school day, no matter what side of the bed you wake up on.

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