Indiegogo Campaign

In the Summer of 2018 we set out to raise funds to continue with our Indiegogo Campaign. Although we didn't reach our target campaign goal, we did meet some fantastic contacts along the way. We are now working on producing even more videos and heading to more schools than ever. A massive thank you to everyone involved. The full details of the campaign can be found below. ​

Thanks to the following for supporting Aveea in our aim to show all students the light (list in alphabetical order)

Jai Bhambra

Ramesh Bhawsar

Nick Fabrikant

Rikki Kang

Mahesh Kodivalasa

Janak Lodhia

Gurdeep Singh Lotay

Suki Lotay

Rjd Neal

Avtar Singh Nijjar

Kalpa Patel

Krishna Patel

Henna Patel

Jitendra Patel

Jagdish Patel

Neeraj Patel

Pravina Patel

Pushpa Patel

Taral Patel

Rupesh Patel

Sunita Patel

Navraj Sahota

Rustam Shah

Arjun Sharma

Awaase Sohail

Kajal Jitendra Vaitha

Dr Subrahmanya Varanasi

Charles Wong