Aveea Ambassador Programme

The Aveea Ambassador Programme allows students to build on knowledge and skills, gaining first hand experience in the working world, preparing them for their next educational step.

The programme supports you from day one, with mentoring, training and working on very exciting projects in teaching, marketing, research and development. We tailor your experience around your aspirational goals.

Students will join us as volunteers. We look for students who are ready to jump outside their comfort zone and break boundaries in the world of STEM.

Aveea Ambassador Programme


Aveea firmly believes, ‘you only get out what you put in’. Whilst our programme is great for getting experience for your CV or Personal Statement. It is about challenging yourself to try something new, discovering your passions and interests and applying this new skill set in the real world.

We want our students to make the most of the programme. This means exposure to real world problems:

  • How can we explain a very challenging scientific concept to 5 year olds? This is harder than you think, but very rewarding when you see them run over to their parents to explain what an Endothermic Reaction is!
  • How can we further engage with our target audience i.e Parents?
  • How can we enhance our existing propositions? We have Aveea Academy, Aveea Projects and Aveea Online, and so much more in the pipeline…


Once you have been selected to join the Programme (congrats), you will be assigned to develop your knowledge and skills within one of three segments at Aveea. If you are interested in more than one sector, worry not, we will tailor the Programme accordingly to ensure you get the most out of the Programme.



Research and Developement


The role of the Marketing team also known as the ‘Growth Engine’ at Aveea is to provide expertise to help build the Aveea’s brand on a global scale. All whilst driving demand for the services and products we offer to our target audience.
Within this segment, students will have the opportunity to help:
  • To help us develop our brand. We want to make a difference and we want everyone to know about it, and we mean EVERYONE!
  • Communicate with our target audiences and build and develop customer relationships.
  • Produce creative content, including videos, blog posts, the world is your oyster!
  • Run social media channels e.g. Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to enhance audience engagement. We hope you can stick to the 280 character limit on Twitter. Just no TikToks… yet!
Aveea Marketing


Our Aveea Academy Sessions, involve inspiring pupils into STEM, through hands-on (and occasionally messy) experiments, we bring STEM concepts to life. Within this segments, students will have the opportunity to:
  • Carry out STEM experiments with pupils, ensuring they understand and appreciate the learning. We want pupils to be fully immersed in our session and forget they are actually learning difficult STEM concepts.
  • Provide a safe working environment for all pupils.
  • Get involved hands on by helping pupils with their experiments, bringing your own ideas and creativity to the project. Occasionally even the volunteers need a reminder about teaching the pupils and not competing with their peers to see who can build the strongest bridge!
  • Mentoring and teaching STEM concepts to pupils.

Here is something to think about.. Most likely you remember your favourite teacher or mentor in school. Imagine if you had the opportunity to be that person to a pupil who is just starting their educational journey?

Aveea Teaching

Research and Development

Research and development is always important for any organisation, it allows us to explore new avenues, change the style of working, and improve our product for the end user. Within this segment students will have the opportunity to:
  • Find ways to reach our audience in different geographical areas, UK, USA, Brazil, Philippines you name it!
  • Actively get involved in conceptualisation through the delivery of new STEM activities for both Aveea Projects and Aveea Academy.
  • Understand financial, safety, logistical, prototyping, and workflow restrictions in our operations and establish the solutions to overcome them. After all, STEM is all about problem solving.
Aveea Research and Development

Next Steps

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in. Where you know ‘you’ll get out what you’ll put in’ and you’re not scared of stepping outside your comfort zone, then this programme is most certainly for you. 

You can start by sending 200 words on who you are, why you are interested, and what you want to achieve through the Aveea Ambassador Programme, to [email protected]

Your school / college may also detailed further instructions on how to join the Programme, if in doubt, just ping us an email and we’ll point you in the right direction.