Aveea Academy Assistants

If you are interested in inspiring the next generation of future STEM Leaders... this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

What do Academy Assistants do?

Our assistants assist our Academy Leaders in running our Aveea Academy Sessions. 

So what are Aveea Academy Sessions? 

These are workshops that run after school (3:00pm – 4:30pm) at local primary schools (like after school clubs). 

We have a class of 20-30 eager children that we inspire on a weekly basis, taking them on a journey in understanding a STEM concept. 

This means everything from cleaning up oil spills, building bridges, designing boats and even coding with robots!

Our Academy Leaders take care of the resources, lesson planning and everything else in-between. 

What we need from you is not only your fun and enthusiastic personality, but the ability to educate children and inspire them into the world of STEM. 

It’s a perfect opportunity for anyone who loves making a difference.

What about the activities and resources?

Our fantastic team at Aveea takes care of the activities and resources, our Leader has all of them in place for you when you arrive at the session. 

This means you’ll know exactly what you’re doing, with everything to hand. It’s very different to any outreach you’ve done before. 

What we want from you, is to bring your own ideas and creativity to the session. 

Here is something to think about… most likely you remember your favourite teacher or mentor in school. Imagine if you had the opportunity to be that person to a pupil who is just starting their educational journey?

What if I need training?

We support you from day one, this means plenty of mentoring and training, we want you to be confident getting hands on with STEM experiments.

We look for students who are ready to jump outside their comfort zone and break boundaries in the world of STEM.

But we also want students who are extra ambitious and want to become Leaders…

Aveea Teaching

Becoming an Academy Leader

 Beyond Aveea Academy Assistants, we are always looking for Academy Leaders. Someone who is ambitious and is up for a challenge. 

All Academy Assistants that join the team, are put on a training programme that will allow them to acquire the skills in becoming a Lead. 

We firmly believe ‘you only get out what you put in’. So the speed at which you acquire the skills is entirely in your hands!

Any other questions you might have...

As an Aveea Academy Assistant your pay will range from £9.25 – £15.25 / hour depending on your experience and the location of where you work.

We run sessions across the UK in various places, depending on where and the number of schools availability. This will range from 2-5 days.

We provide all the resources and lesson plans. All we need from you is your enthusiasm and excitement and ability to help us inspire pupils into the world of STEM.

If you are based in London most of our schools have tube stops nearby, so there is no requirement for a vehicle. 

However if you are based outside London, public transport doesn’t always take you to the school and timings can be off, we don’t want you waiting in the cold! So for outside of London we highly recommend that our applicants have a car.

A DBS Check also known as a Disclosure and Barring Service Check is something employers do to check the criminal record of someone applying for a role. Given the nature of the work we do at Aveea, this is a mandatory check.

Absolutely, we’re looking for anyone with the right skills to help us deliver our mission and inspire the future generation of children into the world of STEM. 

At present we are hiring in the following areas:

Leicester – Hamilton, Birstall and Oadby

London – Stratford, Harringay, Wood Green

Next Steps

If you think the role of an Aveea Academy Assistant is for you, and want to grow with Aveea, we would love to hear from you.

Please send through a Cover Letter and CV to applicants@aveea.org highlighting why this role would suit you and what you would like to achieve with us!