Our Mission.

It’s simple.

We’re a non profit organisation that wants to bring students as close as possible to the real excitement that our heroes face in real life.

– Prem

Aveea Online

The internet is a global platform for all, so we decided to take advantage of this platform to engage AND motivate, through real-life inspired videos and articles. Not convinced… see for yourself

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Racing Car - P with Rudy

Aveea Academy​

A more personal hands on approach, we go to schools and show off the world of STEM, from building cars, understanding different densities, making fireworks, looking at bees or even eating ice cream.

Aveea Projects

Why do we just have Aveea Academy at schools? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could discover what we do at Aveea at home? Well meet Aveea Projects.
Aveea Projects

The Team

And the future of Aveea is just as bright, we are producing more videos, visiting more and more schools, expanding our team, bringing on more volunteers, and so much more. Meet the team to find out how we make Aveea possible for everyone. Just imagine what you could be learning with Aveea today.

Aveea Academy - Annie