Our Story

Aveea’s journey began in the heart of our founder, a civil engineer, who explored the thrilling world of innovation at the Ministry of Defence.

Experiencing firsthand the cutting-edge and transformative power of STEM, he felt a calling to share this exhilaration with the next generation.

Aveea was started with the ambition to give children an opportunity to explore the vast, untapped potential of STEM, unlocking new possibilities and passions.

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Aveea Crane Challenge

What We Do At Aveea​

We provide immersive, hands-on STEM workshops for pupils aged 5-16.

Through our After School Workshops, and Aveea Engage Workshops, we ignite curiosity, foster deep understanding, and empower children to explore the limitless world of STEM

Aveea KS1 Workshop

Our Impact​

We're proud of the impact we've made so far: reaching thousands of children in person and nearly a million more online.

We've witnessed the transformative power of hands-on STEM education, and every day, we see the sparks of curiosity and wonder kindled in the minds of the children we serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to inspire children around the world.

As a non-profit organisation, we're committed to making STEM accessible to all, breaking down barriers, and nurturing a generation of inquisitive, creative, and confident problem-solvers.

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Meet the Aveea Dream Team: Innovators, Educators, and Dreamers!

Unleashing the power of STEM, our team of educators, tech enthusiasts, and creative minds make magic happen.

Fuelled by innovation and guided by a non-profit dedication, we turn classrooms into launchpads for exploration. With a commitment to affordable excellence, we’re inspiring a generation to think, create, and lead. Come, be part of this exciting journey!

Connect & Comply

At Aveea, communication and transparency are vital. 

Whether you’re reaching out to learn more or looking for legal insights, we’ve got you covered. Browse below to contact us or explore our legal documents

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Contacting Us

Questions or ideas? We'd love to hear from you!

Reach out to our team, and let's turn your thoughts into action. Your insights drive our innovation.


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Because clarity and honesty aren't just words to us, they're principles we live by.