Inspiring our future STEM leaders

Because after all, everyday is a school day, a new day to learn and challenge yourself.

Aveea Academy​

Aveea Slime

Every one of us is a little interested in STEM.

Aveea Academy is where we turn that interest into passion. Where kids gain the confidence to take a step forward into the world of STEM, whether that’s just to become a Doctor, maybe an Engineer, or even just to learn that little bit more about our world.

We all begin our journey somewhere, and at Aveea, we make sure everyone is prepared.


Aveea works together with schools to share our passions for STEM in various ways.

Aveea Academy Workshops are sessions for KS3/KS4, providing an experience of what it’s like working in the world of STEM, as well as preparing them for that transition.

We also run training sessions for teachers to show how to incorporate STEM for themselves.


Remember those fun science lessons in school? Well science all starts there, and we mean the really fun ones. 


Creating websites, making animations, building robots, 3D printers, artificial intelligence, the list goes on…


It’s everything… don’t believe us? Pick up the closest item near you and find out how it was made.


The other three industries can’t do anything without mathematics, it’s basically royalty! 


We’ve all had that moment of curiosity about something in life.

Maybe we just don’t know where to look. Maybe you just want to see how someone else thinks.

Our Discovery section is all about providing an environment for everyone to stimulate their curiosity and inspire them to take it one step further.

Our story

Aveea aspires to be the gateway for children across the world to find their foothold in the world of STEM.

We do this through online videos, articles, or school sessions across the country. We all had dreams as children, and we know how to turn them into reality.

Aveea opens all the doors for children so they have clear paths towards their goals and learn all the possibilities out there.