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Let’s show all students what a life in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics could look like.

Because after all, everyday is a school day, a new day to learn and challenge yourself.

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What We Do?

Aveea Academy​

Imagine if our children could experience the same excitement that those working in STEM do? Just imagine the possibilities.


The world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is huge. How much do you know already?

Aveea Projects​

The same excitement at our Aveea Academy sessions… but at home.

Coming soon!

More than just STEM...

We have some amazing people working in STEM on manned missions to Mars and some working with the top pharmaceutical companies to discover billion-pound cures for cancer.

A small snippet of STEM learnt in the classroom is just unacceptable, it simply does not do justice for what our leaders are actually doing in industry!

Aveea originally started by showing students what STEM is through online videos and articles. Since then, it has evolved far beyond this, Aveea now has a presence in schools all across the UK, not to mention a mentor platform in the making.

Aveea is ready to challenge the status quo, are you?