Inspiring our future STEM leaders

Because after all, everyday is a school day, a new day to learn and challenge yourself.

Aveea Academy​

We are always looking up to our heroes in STEM, why? Because we want to change the world too. So it just makes sense then to meet them in Aveea Academy… 


Remember those fun science lessons in school? Well science all starts there, and we mean the really fun ones. 


Creating websites, making animations, building robots, 3D printers, artificial intelligence, the list goes on…


It’s everything… don’t believe us? Pick up the closest item near you and find out how it was made.


The other three industries can’t do anything without mathematics, it’s basically royalty! 

Our story

Aveea started as a small non profit organisation showing students what STEM is through online videos and articles, we’ve come a long way from then. 

Aveea now has a presence in many different schools all across the UK, we’re delivering monthly STEM boxes internationally and not to mention a mentor platform in the making. 

Aveea is ready to challenge the status quo, are you?